Friday, October 19, 2007

My Personal Tower of Babble

That's my dear Cliff trying trying out his best animal communication skills on a stray horse. I'm not going to be the one to tell him . . .

But impossible dreams is not my topic for today. Today I'm hoping to lure you to a website where I'm a columnist. I'm hoping you will give me some feedback on the articles and webinars I've got out there. I'm hoping you'll be as kind as the horse in the picture was to Cliff.

Go here: Or not. Let me know if this sort of thing (and the website in general) is something that is of interest to horse people. If it's not, tell me why and what you'd rather see. I'm not the site owner, just a lowly freelancer. You can't hurt my feelings. But if I'm going to become famous (and even rich) on your dime, I need to know if I can order that new Rolls now or need to hold off for a week or two while I try a new approach.

In exchange for your efforts, I had given you one of the best clicker-training clips I've seen. This came up in a search in that cute animated box at the top of this page. There are lots more, but this mini assistance horse was just too cute for words and begged to become a star. Unfortunately the script become corrupted and the video stopped running, so you're on your own to find it in the SWICKI search box above. Sorry.

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