Thursday, December 27, 2007

Grinching Up the Holidays

Well, I must say Pokey looks a lot more enthusiastic in this photo than I've felt this holiday season. I'd like to pretend that my Grinchiness is something new and blame it on politicians. Politics is a good place to lay blame as the whole process is so riddled with blame-worthy events. But that would be a stretch even for me.

I'm going to blame most of this season's discontent on the weather. I'm not happy that I had to quit riding long before Christmas. It's been warm enough some days, but the ice hasn't melted. There's three inches of snow covered with slick ice in my ring. The driveway is just ice masquerading as gravel, so I can't even ride up and down and pretend I'm on a trail. The lawn, the pasture, the barnyard are all in a sorry state. Just dragging the muck bucket to the pile requires some broken-field running around ice islands.

So I muck and pet and pretend I'm going to ride next week, though I know that's no more likely than a sudden change of heart in Zip to one of mellow cooperation instead of constant discussion. Is there anything more depressing than looking out the barn door at a gorgeous, sunny day with temps above 40 and knowing the best you can hope for is that a cold snap won't make things worse?

The other source of the glums is the Christmas Chaos. Shopping, shopping, shopping for months on end, piling up gifts (at least one of which will still be in the closet three years from now as I'm just not competent to count noses at this time of year), and hoping that maybe this time I'll have pleased the majority of noses on my list. And maybe next year we'll renegotiate and find a better way to do all of this. And maybe next year I won't feel as if I'm in a marathon I didn't prepare enough for. I'm winded. Just out of steam. And it isn't over yet! I'm only halfway through the family events.

I bought the horses a bag of apples and a bag of baby carrots, and I'm thinking that despite the cold and the rain, maybe I should turn off the world for a bit and just go watch my equines do their tricks. I could use a gob of horse snot on my neck about now. I highly recommend it as a cure for what ails you.

My best wishes to anyone reading this. May your wishes come true and your days be merry. A new year is upon us, and we've got lots of opportunity to make things better for us and our horses. And I'm going to resolve as of this moment to stop whining and just get on with it.

Happy Day!

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