Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Wrongs of Spring--Follow the Bouncing Pony

Okay. I'll admit right up front that spring cleaning took a back seat to spring riding. Not much of any quality has transpired since my last post. For that, I am grateful. I do manage an occasional swipe at the big pile of yuck in the pasture where the round bale feeder sat all winter. I want credit for that.

Spring always brings a sense of rebirth, and that's my issue for today. Apparently the Wanton Breeders are at work again. As I drive the back roads and read the online forums, the advent of Baby Fever is only too obvious. Yes, I'm aware that it was only a year or so ago that I got all warm and fuzzy over the birth of my stallion's first offspring. I apologize. That gooey feeling lasted until 1) the owner of the mare had a difficult time selling the filly, and 2) said owner also mentioned her intention of breeding another mare in her string. That mare is one that should not be bred. Ever.

So I feel the need to opine on Bad Backyard Breedings. In this world of homeless horses and a bottomless market, one would think that reason might prevail. It doesn't. The urge to see babies at play is strong in us. If we can't make more of our own kind, we will cause some other species to produce on our behalf.

I believe nature has a hand in this. I believe the instinctive drive to procreate is constantly thwarted and isn't happy about that. But I also believe that we are strong and intellligent enough to overcome the Spring Crazies if we really try. If we so desperately need to hear the pitter-patter of tiny hooves, let's all head to the nearest rescue and give a home to a youngster (or an oldster) who really needs one. Then let's pledge to avoid making more of something there are already too many of.

The word for today is Abstinence!


Anonymous said...

Hi Joanne: Roberta here, you know the neighbor over the hill, or over the hill neighbor, however you wish to look at it. The phones finally got quiet at work and I stumbled onto you web pages. Very nice site and insight. I planned to stop by and get a copy of your book but it will have to wait another week for I have been stricken with yet another bout of bronchitis and do not wish to share it with others. I will call you with fare warning when the coast is clear. I wonder if the mares can catch this?

Anonymous said...

Good post.