Friday, November 06, 2009

Buy My Book (and other stuff)

Well, it's finally happened! Be sure to get your copies today. There's no telling when the world might actually come to a end. You wouldn't want to miss this opportunity!

Click on the book cover for a quick trip to the publisher's place, or wait a little and visit or Barnes& if you prefer. Order all three of my books at once at Amazon and you'll qualify for free "Super Saver" shipping! Yee-HAH! It's available in paperback for $13.95, e-book (from the publisher) at $6.00, and Kindle version at Amazon for $7.99. Pick one. Or two. They're small.

It's a seriously good book for novice owners or for those of us more experienced horsey types who like to laugh at novice horse owners. It'll bring back memories.

On to other stuff!

This has been a big week for my horses. Not only have they come face-to-face with impending winter lay-off time (and seem to be doing a snow dance as I type), but they also had their brains picked by my favorite telepath, animal communicator Ginny Palmieri. I'm not going to share their secrets here, but I will say that I now know I own a horse who, were he human, would have "one hand down his pants and the other would be holding a beer". I suspected as much when I saw the cigar butts and the Racing Form outside his stall door.

I also own a horse who is "sooooo interesting!" That's generally not what a horse owner wants to hear. Words like "simple", "uncomplicated", "desperately craving your approval"...those are the good words.

But on the whole, the herd seems to be doing fine, which makes me happy and validates the huge carrot investment I made last month.

If you own an animal, you already know that they have ways of reading your mind. My cat Tuft knows precisely the moment I decide I'm going to settle in in front of the fire with a book. He has to go out then, and will brook no discussion. The cockatoo, Angel, knows when I'm on the phone with someone I haven't spoken to in a while and who might think it worthwhile to call the authorities to find out why I am torturing birds in my home.

But these warm little bodies house brains that are constantly filtering information to and from us. We just tend not to listen very well. That's where nice folks like Ginny come in. I'm not saying you need to rush right out and call a psychic to find out why Fluffy ate the Tiffany pendant your new beau just gave you. I'm not saying you really want to know the answer to "how does Lucifer feel about the new kitty brother I gave him?" I'm just saying, don't sell the little buggers short. They'll tell you everything if you just stop talking for a minute and give them a chance.

There are a few books available that will give you instructions on communicating with the animals yourself. I've tried that. Apparently I don't speak any foreign languages. So I will continue to rely on periodic check-ins with Ginny to make sure the herd and I are all on the same side of the barn, so to speak.

And yes, Pokey, you are a very good girl!

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