Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ode to Azithromycin

Sleighbells ring, are ya' listening?
On my lip, snot is glistening....

The First Cold of the Season has to be among the most depressing of all pre-holiday events as it bodes so poorly for raucous good times. In my case, it's just adding to an already severe case of Christmas Blahs, but for some it is truly a slimy fly in the ointment that is Holiday Planning.

Still, there are bigger fish to fry, so Kleenex wads aside, we need to focus.

Today I was sad to find not one but two emails in my in-box listing horses that are in need of immediate homes. The death of the founder of the New York Horse Rescue would be sufficient cause for glumness on its own, as a fine vet has met an untimely end and leaves a wife and two young children behind to grieve their loss. But there are horses involved as well that now need to be rehomed as quickly as possible.

Adding to the sadness was a listing with photos of a gaggle of animals currently housed
at Camelot auction house at 43 Brickyard Rd, Cranbury, New Jersey (call Frank, 609-448-5225). The prices range from ridiculously low ($100) to awesomely ridiculous (about $500) for well-broke, apparently healthy and possibly sane equines. Word has it that the entire group, all horses that either did not sell at the recent auction or were purchased for resale by Buyer #10 (listed as "feedlot" and rumored to be a well-intentioned kill buyer who prefers to resell the animals to new homes) will be headed to slaughter on Sunday. This coming Sunday. The Sunday before Christmas and right after Hannukah. If I was alert enough to know the date of Kwanzaa, I could triple heart-wound you.

So what's a pre-holiday horse person to do? Click the link above, that's number one. Do what you can to help even if it's just passing the word. If I am starting to sound as annoying as a toddler's tin drum, that's a good thing. Go do something for someone, and I'll fade Silently into the Night.

You might be interested to know that if you have an annual income of over $35,000, you are actually quite well-off. Doesn't that make you feel more generous? You are above-average in wealth and undoubtedly also brilliant and violently attractive to the opposite sex. Put all that awesomeness to good use and find a way to help.

Don't make me get my Grinch on.

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