Thursday, January 14, 2010

Overload of Grief

Black hearts and souls sold to the devil? Wanton craziness. Stupidity above and beyond. I'm not a believer in the heaven/hell thing, but I'm forced to ask what in hell is going on around here?

Maybe it's just me, but it appears that the Top Ten Most Idiotic Folks list for 2010 is going to be fully populated before the first month of the new decade has passed. Did you read about a horse being dragged to death in Greece to the amusement and apparent pride of some testosterone cowboys? The subsequent plea for "polite" letters to the Greek government was awesome in its low-key quality. And the political correctness that asterisked the word "Nigerian" in a news report about the would-be Christmas Day airline bomber just tweaked my...uh...can I say "tits" here? But the idiocy that has become the politicization of the devastation of the beleaguered island nation of Haiti just takes the cake!

As one of the Haves, I make it a policy to donate whatever is needed wherever I can, and I like to twist arms and push buttons to guilt friends and family into doing the same. That's why I feel I have the right to speak out on this nutsiness. We who support the Great Causes of the world salute those who have pulled it together, given up much and continue to work quietly and without much public notice. We love you as much as you love the causes for which you struggle. Trust that, and trust that we will continue to back you in your struggles. We need to speak with one voice in pronouncing the loonies Unfit and relegating them to the limbo of No Air Time. We need to bring about a paradigm shift that puts the Good in the limelight and the asshats back under the rocks from whence they sleazed.

To the Pat Roberstons and Rush Limbaughs and Glen Becks of the world I say, "Go! Go be with God or Jesus or the Great Hairy Fungerer or whoever you think will have you. Go sit at someone's right hand and take your hard-core, blinded-by-the-light followers with you! You have no further business here!" We are perfectly capable of replacing you with hoards of upwardly-mobile idiots who haven't quite crossed the line and might still have some real purpose in the world if they are only deprived of your guidance. It may be true that "You Can't Fix Stupid", but you can geld it. Excising from the public eye the biggest producers of nonsense is a good start to creating a place where peace might actually stand a chance.

You Angels out there, you who save animals and humans and the environment, go forth and multiply! But when the moment comes when those ill-advised scum-suckers who find cause for delight in the misfortune of others and gleefully participate in creating more, when they finally fall on hard times themselves and need your hand and mine to pull them out of the rubble, take a knee, say a kind word, then walk on by and help someone who deserves your kindness. The applause you will hear will be well-earned!

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Crowzma said...

"You serve no good. You serve no God" Couldn't have said it better myself, Keith. Or you, Joanne. Thanks.