Saturday, July 24, 2010

When Emotions Rule and More About Variables

 When Emotions Rule

When I stopped by Facebook this morning I noted a sudden decrease in something that's been really annoying me for months now.  To wit:  The emotional language of some the horse lovers-cum-rescuers.

Yeah, I've been pushing horse rescue for a long time.  I think it's important for owners to be responsible in their horse-related decisions.  Beginners need not apply when it comes to ownership, particularly where abused and neglected horses are concerned.  Normal, well-treated animals are hard enough to deal with.  Anything with a history needs special know-how and understanding augmented by a bottomless well of cash for vet bills, farrier visits, trainers, special accommodations, and things I probably haven't even thought of yet.

What's been happening in the horse world--the overload of horses being dealt with in myriad ways--has had a public face on Facebook and a few other networking sites.  Now, networking is the mainstay of the horse business and always has been.  But the "whip 'em into  a frenzy emotional approach is taking a toll on the process. Folks are becoming more rabid than rational.  Horses in their current situation need cool heads to prevail.  They don't need a cadre of weepy-eyed types taking on more than they can handle and encouraging dreamworld decisions that need to be made in the bright light of day.

Not all the horses will be saved.  Not all can be and not all need to be.  There's a huge shift in the business afoot, and losses are going to happen.   Ranting, using guilt and heavy, emotionally-laden language to coerce people into donating, adopting, spreading the gospel, or whatever other agenda is being put forth is not serving anyone other than the person who created the agenda in question.

If more vocal types would put their energy into education there would be a sea change of a positive kind.  Stop the silliness and remember the physicians' rule..."First, do no harm."
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