Wednesday, March 13, 2013

R.I.P. Pokey (March 27, 1987 - March 13, 2013)

Missleading (Pokey)

In the end, it wasn't cancer that got the better of you.

It was I.

I got your strength.

I got your serenity.

I got your humor.

I got your kindness and your abiding good will.

I got wild, raucous rides, and I got long moments in the sun.

I got your heart-stopping energy.

I got your peace.

In the end, I gave you what you most needed:

Permission to go and help to get through.

And in the end, I got from you what I most needed:

Memories of a life well-loved.

'Bye, Poke.  It was a great run!  You will be sorely  missed.  I don't know who will sop up my sadness now that you've taken away that emotional heat-sink that was your heart.  I only hope that your eighteen years with in my life were as happy for you as they were for me.


Unknown said...

oh so sorry for your loss. She looks like a sweet lady.

Joanne Friedman, Freelance Writer, ASEA Certified Equine Appraiser, Owner Gallant Hope Farm said...

Thanks, Cindy. She was sweet, tough, and a very big spirit that permeated the farm.